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Breaking News | Undisputed Championship Match Changed!

FRANKFURT, GER (Jun. 23, 2022) – Scars and Stripes has been forced into a significant last-minute event change overnight.

Following the events of Paramount Wrestling #22, a brutal backstage attack from PRIME’s Jack Severn involving a frozen water bottle and loaded knee pad has left Ace King of Friday Night Rampage with a Grade 3 concussion, rendering him unable to compete in the Rampage-exclusive show’s Japanese Deathmatch for the Undisputed Championship, which will now only feature Melody Malone and the reigning Undisputed Champion, Killjoy Ito.

The diagnosis came after an initial assessment from Dr. Maddison Lay and the rest of the PARAMOUNT medical staff.

“Mr. King’s cognitive test results did not meet our stringent requirements for competition,” Dr. Lay explained. “Mr. King was then referred to Frankfurt University Hospital, where an in-depth analysis from local physicians confirmed our initial diagnosis of a Grade 3 concussion.”

This is the first major injury sustained by the reigning EWC Superstar of the Year over the course of his EWC career, which has spanned since late 2016 and has included nine separate championship reigns, including two runs as the Undisputed Champion.

Given the severity of the diagnosis, Ace will not only miss Scars and Stripes for the first time in his EWC career, but it also officially rules him out for the upcoming RAMPAGE vs. PRIME Invasion Series supershow, to be held on July 15 in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Due to injury, Ace King will miss Scars & Stripes as already mentioned,” said Grizzly Duggan, General Manager of Friday Night Rampage. “We apologize to any fans in attendance who were paying to see King Vs Malone Vs Ito specifically. King’s title rematch he earned due to drawing Killjoy Ito at StrangleMania has been pushed back to Parabellum, assuming he is cleared for competition, and that’s all the details we can give you at this point in time.”

EWC Network will have more on this situation as it develops.

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