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Monday Night Brawl’s exclusive pay-per-view, Hardcore Revolution is just over one week away and the main event between EWC FX Broadcast champion Melinda Rhodes and EWC International champion Flip has garnered a lot of attention… for good reason!

At BRAWL 596 we found out that the EWC International Championship would be defended in Three Stages of Hell as Melinda Rhodes challenges King Flip for the top title on the red brand…but negotiations have been absolutely heated in the days since, as Timothy Kahrs secures the official stipulations for the remaining two stages.

As a reminder, the very first stage was set by Timothy Kahrs in the closing moments of the night, announcing that Rhodes and Flip would be hitting the Highway to Hell…and based on what we’ve seen of this match in the past, we can expect an absolute war to go down as they make their way to SoFi Stadium!

Exclusively on the EWC Network we can now confirm the second stage, as decided by the challenger and current reigning FX Broadcast Champion Melinda Rhodes: FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE

That’s right folks, once these competitors make it to the stadium the bedlam continues…and the deciding fall of that stage could happen anywhere on the premises!

And to round things out, the word from King Flip is that our final stage of hell is, well: HELL IN A CELL

Wherever the second stage ends, these two will have to end the night inside the demonic structure, risking their very livelihoods to determine who walks out as champion.

And now, for the kicker.

In what will likely ruffle the Interim GM’s feathers the moment this breaking news drops, there has been one final change, which we’re being told came from “over Timmy’s head,” whatever that means.

This match will be TITLE VERSUS TITLE.

Both of the red brand’s championships are now up for grabs, raising the stakes and clearing a path for one to declare themselves the BEST OF BRAWL coming out of the red brand’s exclusive PPV event.

Who will leave Inglewood with everything…and who will be lucky to leave Inglewood at all?

Find out May 15th when Hardcore Revolution 2023 comes to you LIVE from SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California and available on Pay-Per-View!

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