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Good Evening E-Dub-Cee nation! We’ve got some breaking news coming from Brawl GM Jim Connors that absolutely cannot wait until this week’s Weekly Roundup.

In an update from the rumor from Wednesday’s Word from the Wolfe Pack, we can now confirm that Gabrielle Visconty sustained an injury during the EWC International Championship bout against Xavier Reid.

Word coming out of the office of BRAWL General Manager Jim Connors now indicates that the new champion is unable to compete at StrangleMania XVII! Connors sent our media team here at the EWC Network the following:

“I spoke with medical examiners after the show came to a close, and they told me then that Gabi might’ve suffered some sort of injury in the course of the main event. The biggest worry at the time was what looked to be a concussion, leading to us following protocol as necessary to ensure her safety. The past couple days have been chaotic for me, waiting to hear back from physicians and Gabi herself on what’s happening next.

I finally got the word today. An x-ray revealed a hairline fracture in her wrist, which is scary as hell and needs time to heal properly. I spoke with others on the matter, and we’ve deemed Gabi unfit to compete at StrangleMania. For her safety and wellbeing, we have no choice but to vacate the championship at this time.

This does of course raise the question of what happens with the title match itself. The match is still on, and Iggy Swango will still compete for it on account of earning the number one contendership…and she will be facing the man who was champion until Monday night, Xavier Reid. This will give the former champion a chance to reclaim the belt, something I’m sure he and Tommy Love will quite enjoy…and a chance for Iggy to keep that opportunity away from him.

And yes, it will STILL be a Barbed Wire Ladder Match. So, be careful out there, you two.”

With the championship vacated, who will step up and take the mantle of International Champion at StrangleMania XVII? Be sure to watch the event live on Pay-Per-View on March 28th to find out!

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