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Paramount Power Rankings – 2024

(Updated 3/03/2024 as of Prime Episode #118)

SuperstarPointsRankingCumulative Points
The Lad51st5
Ibuki Ito2Tied for 2nd2
Amber Lisa2Tied for 2nd2
Raca Jakodi2Tied for 2nd2
Xavier Reid2Tied for 2nd2
Adrianna Aquilla1Tied for 3rd2
Tanja Devereaux1Tied for 3rd2
Marcu$ $t John1Tied for 3rd2
SONYA1Tied for 3rd1
Emma Louise0Tied for 4th0
El Pablo0Tied for 4th0
Jack Hart0Tied for 4th0
Sueñe el Molde0Tied for 4th0
Shaker Jones-1Tied for 5th-1
Sakura Yamamoto-1Tied for 5th-1

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