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EWC Season 24 Preview: Brawl

It’s Day 5 and we’re capping off this incredible week of previews with our flagship show here in EWC, the one that started it all – your favorite red brand – Brawl!

In true Connors fashion, but somehow from the desk of Timothy Khars, I’ve gotten the exclusive scoop on Brawl’s current roster sitch.

“We are thrilled to have new and returning competitors join the red brand for Season 24!

Among the crew are our current champions King Flip and Melinda Rhodes; former EWC Undisputed Champions in Xavier Reid and Stitches; former EWC International Champions in Darius, Captain Morgan Darkwater, and Iggy Swango; the returning Antoni Malietoa and Dio, each looking to make an even bigger impact after a tremendous Season 23; and up and coming talent in Zack Tyler, Chelsea Skye, and Caleb Scott to name just a few.

We’re also excited to have the likes of Elissa Bradley and Dustin Holt signing with BRAWL for Season 24 pending a successful debut on GAMBIT, and Bathsheba looking to make a name for herself on the red brand in the coming year!

We also look forward to hearing back from others still looking to join the flagship show of EWC as we head into 2023 on a high note!

…oh, and Tyler Bradford’s back.”

Brawl’s first show is just over a week away, which can only mean one thing… the first round of the Legend of the Ring tournament will commence VERY soon!

When prompted for a statement regarding Brawl’s competitors chosen for the Legend of the Ring tournament, interim GM Khars had this to say:

“I’m happy to announce that the competitors representing BRAWL in Legend of the Ring are former International Champions, one of whom holds the title currently, all looking to make a name for themselves in the tournament: King Flip, Stitches, Darius, and Captain Morgan Darkwater.

Huh, weird. My notes have Morgan’s name scratched out, and JoJo Rush penciled in. Not a former champion, but certainly deserving of the spotlight.

Well hopefully we didn’t send the invites to the wrong people. Anyway.”

News & Rumors

  • Keep Brawl Gabi Vee!
    • Gabi has been at odds with Brawl GM Connors since the ‘fractured wrist’ situation after winning the International Title. Gabi hasn’t been quiet about keeping her options open for the coming season – despite the immediate rematch for the FX title booked by Brawl Interim GM Kahrs after her match at WrestleFest, which she sees as an attempt to keep her on the Brawl brand for the 2023 season. Reports have come in that Gabrielle Visconty has been seen at EWC HQ with Prime’s new GM Jordan Sharpe in the off season. Could JFS be pitching Gabi an offer to put her on his new and improved Prime brand?!
  • Zack Tyler Returns!
    • It wasn’t that long ago where it appeared Brawl superstar Zack Tyler was in a hellacious match with other Brawl superstar, Caleb Scott.  Injuries to Zack threatened his possible return to the ring.  With intense rehab, training and other hoops he had to go through to get back to 100%, Zack has the approval from doctors and will return in Season 24 to the Monday night brand.
  • New Season, New Sponsors
    • Gabi Vee has signed with Ray-Ban® as a model and spokesperson for the brand and has resumed looking for minor acting parts in movies or TV
  • Wheres Jim Connors?
    • With the General Manager of MNB currently suspended pending an investigation in “shady behavior,” Jim Connors has not been seen or heard from since the Monday Night BRAWL Season 23 finale. In the interim, Assistant GM Timothy Kahrs will be handling the affairs of the red brand
  • Moonshine Inc is Inked!
    • EWC’s President Danny Mac made it clear during the off season that he wanted to see a few new tag teams sign on to fill the vacancy left by the departing Southern Express.  With that, it clearly opened the door for the brothers from North Carolina.  Jimmy Evans and brother Matt Evans collectively known as Moonshine Incorporated were eager to sign with the company.  As EWC embarks on Season 24, they do so with Moonshine Incorporated as a part of the EWC roster.
  • A New Vibe
    • Monday Night Brawl will now get fans and superstars alike pumped up for the hard hitting action of the EWC’s red brand with a brand new theme song! “START A FIGHT” by GHØSTKID is out, and “STARTAFIGHT” by Joey Valance & Brae is officially in!
  • Flagship show? Say less!
    • Despite an ever-changing landscape in broadcasting thanks to the rise of streaming platforms, we can confirm that Monday Night BRAWL will continue to air on FX for Season 24 of the flagship show. Bringing big ratings to the network has made this an easy decision for both parties.
  • A bumpy Rhodes ahead?
    • Gabi was crushed by her loss of the FX title at WrestleFest. While she respects Rebel Rhodes, she felt she should have done better in the match. With the rematch official for Brawl’s season opener, the Legend of the Ring tournament matches won’t be the only ones to keep an eye on.

Champion Spotlight

King Flip – EWC International Champion

How would you sum up your 2022 season?

  • An amazing ride that nearly saw us become double champion once again. Easily the staple of this company as its number two guy.

Has being champion changed your perspective on being in this industry?

  • No. I’ve been champion before, and not every reign is all that spectacular. But if you aren’t in this industry to become a champion, then what the fuck are you doing exactly?

What can we expect to see from you in 2023?

  • More successful defenses. More records broken. More accolades.

Do you have your eye on any particular challengers next season?

  • No. It doesn’t matter if you’re Caleb Scott, Jojo Rush, or Stitches. I will show you why I’m the fucking man to beat. Why I’m the Benchmark of Brawl.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are now, next season?

  • Try me and see.

Any final thoughts?

  • I look forward to every match, every backstage engagement, every swerve, and every feud. I’ll be making a trip to Paramount to start the season to cheer one Tanja Devereaux as she takes on the Television champion of her brand. Wonder what’ll happen when the referee gets distracted. Then there’s that Prime show I still don’t watch. From what I understand, The House has made its home here. Interesting. But anyway… you’ll see me on Monday nights. You’ll see me on most Friday nights. You’ll see me… and I thank you for that.

“The Rebel Star” Melinda Rhodes – FX Broadcast Champion

How would you sum up your 2022 season?

  • A rollercoaster ride. I came back from a multi-year company enforced hiatus/exile and just tore up the scene for a minute, tripped over my own shoelaces, tucked and rolled, got back up, and here I am heading into 2023 with a rematch against Gabi Vee. I’d say it’s been a good year. Hoping to make 2023 even better.

Has being champion changed your perspective on being in this industry?

  •  No not really. I’m still me. I’m not the type to put on airs that I’m some bad bitch because I got a belt and others don’t. I could lose that belt at any time for starters. Gabs is incredible in the ring and so’s most of the EWC roster. We’re the best in the world for a reason.  

What can we expect to see from you in 2023?

  • Me aging like fine wine? Ha ha ha ha. Seriously though, I aim to step up and do better. I just gotta’ put in the work. Maybe set some more records on the book if I can help it.

Do you have your eye on any particular challengers next season?

  • I take on any and all, hon. Wouldn’t mind a rematch against Alex Carbajal though and maybe get a shot at El Pablo. Dude’s a bad motherfucker and I love watching him work. A rematch against the Flipster wouldn’t be out of the question either.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are now, next season?

  • Don’t be dumb! Who wants to be me? ha ha ha ha. Nah, seriously though just put in the work, be cool, don’t let your temper get the better of you, and don’t let the brain weasels have their way because those nagging doubts in the back of your mind? They’re the ones that get you killed out there in the wrestling ring.

Any final thoughts?

  • EWC ain’t perfect, it’s got it’s flaws, but it is hands down the biggest and best company in professional wrestling to work for. My first run was a shit-show, but the return? Holy fuck has it been great. As I said, it’s been a rollercoaster, up and down, highs and lows, but at the end of the day? It’s what I make it. Thank you Danny Mac for letting me back onboard and allowing me to prove that I ain’t a failure in this biz. I hope to continue on that trajectory and not let anyone or thing derail me on my path

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