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Weekly Roundup for 3-5-2022

The road to Stranglemania is heating up! And we’ve got a recap of all the action from PRIME and Paramount to sate your appetite. So first off, let’s check in with the Best of the Indies on the Blue brand!

Prime #092 – Recap & Highlights



KU  Vs Amber Lisa Hall         WINNER via  count out: KU

Match Highlight: Both quickly get to their feet. Amber’s on hers first and catches KU with a series of backhand chops. KU ducks a chop and fires with one of his own which Amber ducks before hitting a Powerslam. KU staggers to his feet and into a corner. Amber runs at him for a hip attack but, at the last second, KU slips out of the corner and Amber crashes into it. Amber clutches her hip as she steps out of the corner leaving her open for KU to hit her with triple German suplexes.



Tyler Quest Vs Bosa         WINNER via  pinfall: Bosa

Match Highlight:  Quest runs up the turnbuckles and leaps at Bosa hitting a tornado DDT. Quest runs at Bosa as he gets to his feet but she eats a raised boot. Bosa lifts Quest high into the air hitting a suplex. He then grabs Quest for a powerbomb but Quest manages to reverse it into a hurricanrana.



Kyle Gautier Vs Saidie Sharpe         WINNER via pinfall : Saidie Sharpe

Match Highlight: Gautier lifts Saidie off the mat and up for a Suplex. He brings her down hard on the mat and floats over rolling across Saidie until he’s stood at her feet. He grabs Saidie’s legs twisting them into an Orphan Bedtime Story. Saidie screams in pain as she stretches and drags her way to the bottom rope.



Lorenzo Vs “Headhuntress” Aiya         WINNER via  pinfall: “Headhuntress” Aiya

Match Highlight: Lorenzo lifts Aiya for a DDT but she counters by ramming his spine into the corner of the ring. Aiya grabs a chair from the time keeper smacks it across Lorenzo’s back. A second attempt is thwarted by Lorenzo superkicking the chair from her hand. Lorenzo grabs Aiya dropping her with a side suplex onto the commentary table. Lorenzo positions the chair and takes a few steps back. He runs, spingboards off the chair and crashes himself and Aiya through the table




Jordan Sharpe Vs Narumi Tsutsumi         WINNER via  pinfall: Narumi Tsutsumi

Match Highlight: Jordan gets a foot onto the bottom rope. Both get to their feet and Narumi rams Jordan in to the corner. More knife edge chops light up his chest as the sound echoes around the Oval Lingotto. She whips Jordan to the opposite corner but Jordan reverses sending Narumi to the corner. He quickly follows in hitting a Freakin’ Boot. This time Narumi drops to the canvas as Jordan covers



DALILAH ASHE Vs SCORPIO         WINNER via pinfall and still Showtime Broadcast Champion : Scorpio 

Match Highlight: To the Champ’s great frustration Dalilah manages to kickout again short of the fall. Hauling her back up again Scorpio hits a Snap Suplex that he follows up with a Standing Moonsault. Signaling to the fans that the match is over he goes to finish her off with the Fuck You Europe, but is taken by surprise when Dalilah comes to life and counters with a Swinging Neck Breaker that leaves him stunned on the mat. Shaking the cobwebs out of her head Dalilah hits the ropes, coming back at him with a Rolling Thunder. Getting to her feet she quickly picks the Champion up and plants him back to the mat with a Cactus Jack Style Piledriver.

PRIME #92 MVP: Narumi Tsustumi

PRIME #92 MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Narumi Tsutsumi vs Jordan Freakin’ Sharpe

Price’s Prospect

Saidie Sharpe has come a long way to forging her own name in the EWC, and the niece of EWC’s Jordan Sharpe is well on her way to taking over her uncle’s mantle on Prime. She might’ve fallen against Scorpio in the season opener, but she’s in good company against a former Undisputed champion. After putting on a stellar performance against former North American champion Kyle Gautier, expect Saidie to bounce back with a vengeance as she eyes post-Stranglemania as Prime starts their trek in the G1 and the road to World Wide!

And if our reporting over on the Wolfe Pack is any indication…. Chris Brock and his team on the Orange brand aren’t about to let Prime have all the spotlight this week. So let’s take a look at the action over on Paramount!

Paramount #17 – Recap & Highlights



Yung Chedda VS “Remarkable” Mark Keaton VS Carrie Samson         WINNER via  pinfall:  Carrie Samson

Match Highlight: RMK rolls into the ring and checks the damage outside from a higher point of view, admiring his own handiwork on Care Bear, paying no mind to where Yung Cheddah Tha Leg Spredda lies in wait and blindsides him with a Reverse Hurricanrana! RMK gets up to a knee, and Chedda goes for a Spotlight – Keaton blocks it, sending Cheddah straight to his ass! Keaton covers him up, laying into the much smaller and lighter Yung Cheddah with some very basic but brutal punches, choking and kicks to the gut, topping it off by stomping on Cheddah’s fingers, drawing a blood curdling scream from Cheddah heard across the entire arena.



Kyle O’Brien VS Marcu$ $t. John         WINNER via  pinfall: Marcu$ $t John

Match Highlight: Marcu$ feels this and drives the point of his elbow into the face of Kyle. Kyle grabs his face as Marcu$ pulls him out onto the ring apron. As both men are standing on the apron, Marcu$ kicks him in the gut and looks to hit him with a DDT. Kyle senses that and snatches Marcu$ up onto his shoulders. Without much hesitation, Kyle connects with a death valley driver on the ring apron as the crowd is in shock. Marcu$ is on the floor in the fetal position as Kyle uses the middle turnbuckle to launch himself into a backflip before landing directly onto the back of Marcu$



Adriana Aquilla VS El Pablo         WINNER via pinfall: El Pablo

Match Highlight: Addy slides to the outside of the ring and gets into Darius’ face, showing she has no fear of her long-time rival. Darius throws both his hands up and sits back down, motioning at Pablo. Addy picks the champion up and rolls him back into the ring, but takes a moment to talk more trash toward Darius. She eventually slides back into the ring and begins to stalk Pablo as he pulls himself up with the ropes. As soon as he gets to a knee, Addy rushes forward and connects with the Divine Wizard! Addy hooks the leg



Emma Louise VS Jordan Freakin’ Sharpe         WINNER via  pinfall: Jordan Freakin’ Sharpe

Match Highlight: Jordan Sharpe backs up a little for another shoulder strike but Emma Louise moves out of the way and Jordan Sharpe drives his shoulder into the ring post. Emma Louise is quick to roll Jordan Sharpe up, this time for a two count. Emma Louise takes advantage of the injured shoulder and drives a few stiff forearms into the injured shoulder. The crowd encourages Jordan Sharpe on, but also has a respect and admiration for Emma Louise. Emma Louise lifts Jordan Sharpe to his feet and once again tries to attack the injured shoulder.



Faith Rivers VS James Keaton         WINNER via pinfall and still CW Broadcast Champion : James Keaton

Match Highlight: James falls backwards as Faith takes a quick moment to fire up the crowd. She turns her attention back towards James by grabbing by the head. As she is pulling him up, James fires off with a very quick European uppercut to her jaw. Faith’s head snaps back a bit as James lands another uppercut before dropping Faith with a hard right to the side of her head. James cracks his own neck before leaping into the air and landing with all of his weight onto Faith’s torso with his knee.



Jason Hunter & Amber Lisa Hall   VS The Southern Express         WINNER via pinfall : The Southern Express

Match Highlight: Hunter does his best to manage both of the old-timers, raking Bobby across the eyes and going for a running knee lift on Jimmy – who backs up into the ropes to avoid it, coming back with a clothesline that spins that Prince of Wrestling off his feet! He hits the mat in the same instant that a recovering Amber LAUNCHES herself at Jimmy, hitting the Run It! Knee meets face, and Jimmy Lane is down!



Nevaeh VS Asriel Buzzard         WINNER via pinfall : Asriel Buzzard

Match Highlight: Nevaeh hunches down, looking as if she’s going to spear Buzzard. He quickens his pace and walks straight into a Spinning Back Fist. Asriel grimaces but manages to shrug the pain off. He quickly grabs a handful of hair and pulls Nevaeh down hard into a vicious Backbreaker. Buzzard then allows Nevaeh to slump onto the mat and attempts to go for a cover. But Nevaeh easily gets a shoulder up, then adds a slap and flipping him off into the equation. Asriel chuckles at the response as he moves away from Nevaeh, allowing her to get back up to a vertical base. The space he gives Nevaeh, however, costs him dearly. Now she decides to go through with her original plan and Spears Asriel right onto the canvas.



“La Belicista” Isabella VS Killjoy Ito         WINNER via  pinfall: Killjoy Ito

Match Highlight: Isabella comes surging hungrily back in, barely missing a kick to the kidneys as an astonishingly wary Ito weaves aside, and shoves her against the ropes instead. She’s forced into a run to avoid a follow-up, coming off the ropes as Ito hits the opposing set. He misses a big running knee by an INCH, as Isabella puts on the brakes and spins a full rotation, responding with a massive discus lariat! SUSFU! Roaring, Isabella turns out to the crowd, throwing them a salute before throwing her body into a standing moonsault.

PARAMOUNT #17 MVP: Jordan Freakin’ Sharpe & Killjoy Ito

PARAMOUNT #17 MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Faith Rivers vs James Keaton

Brock’s Blockbuster

Those aren’t just dollar signs for Marcu$ $t John – they’re dollar signs for Chris Brock too on Paramount. The former North American champion is slated to take on Jordan Freakin Sharpe to try and capture his second reign with the famed Paramount strap at Stranglemania in a dog collar match! While Sharpe has experience in unorthodox title matches, Marcu$ is banking on putting Sharpe in the dog house. Should $t John win, he’ll be the first recorded 2x North American champion, and if we’ve learned anything about Chris Brock over the past few seasons… he loves to make history on the Orange brand! We can’t say he’s rooting for anyone in particular, but you can’t deny he might be just a little satisfied if he watches Marcu$ leave India with his arm raised high.

Coming Soon – Matches to set your DVR for!

Brawl #580 – Gabrielle Visconty vs Xavier Reid | A showdown for the International championship on the eve of Stranglemania! What more needs to be said? Gabi Vee has been on an out and out warpath to start the season and Xavier Reid has fallen in singles and tag team competition. Is this Gabrielle’s shot to dethrone the man who claimed to be the best International champion Brawl had ever seen? Or is Gabi Vee going to find herself struggling to contain Xavier when the stakes are at their highest?

Rampage # 497 – Michael Saint vs Ruthann Hunter | Two EWC Hall of Famers are clashing in the opening match on Rampage #497 and this couldn’t be a more historic night for the green brand! Seeing the former Rampage GM get into the ring for the first time in over a decade to take on Ruthann Hunter! 

News & Updates

Match made official!  – With Prime’s announcement of “Headhuntress Aiya”, we now know all four participants in this year’s Drake Memorial Cup match! This year’s clash will be a Weapon X match, which is sure to be a showstopper! The four participants bring with them a stunning pedigree that shines bright for all four respective brands, and could be an early contender for Match of the Year. Keep your eyes peeled for the March 26th edition of the Weekly Roundup as we have a special Stranglemania edition coming your way!

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