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Word from the Wolfe Pack | March 23rd, 2022

PRIME #93 Recap & Highlights



Old Man Jeff Vs Kyle Gautier      WINNER via pinfall:  Kyle Gautier

Match Highlight:  Gautier Irish Whips OMJ to the opposite corner. OMJ very slowly moves to the other side of the ring. Gautier runs and is in the corner before OMJ. He raises a boot and catches OMJ in the face with it. Gautier slides to the second turnbuckle and leaps but OMJ catches him with a forearm to the jaw knocking him to the canvas.



The Defender Vs Tyler Quest        WINNER via pinfall:  Tyler Quest

Match Highlight:  Ben Thomas puts The Defender’s foot onto the bottom rope to break the count. Jackson Pollock stalks toward Ben Thomas. Ben has to climb over the ringside barrier to escape and heads through the crowd. In the ring, Quest watches Ben’s escape. She turns and is caught by a Spinebuster. The Defender places a foot on Quest’s chest as the referee counts.



Stitches Vs Amber Lisa Hall      WINNER via pinfall:  Stitches 

Match Highlight:  Amber drops to the mat as Stitches grabs her by the hair and picks her up off the canvas. Amber lands a forearm into Stitches ribcage. Stitches continues to keep a tight grip on Amber’s hair as she fires off another forearm into his ribcage. This shot does cause him to remove his hand as Amber bounces off the ropes and catches him with a clothesline.



The Mechanical Animals Vs Halo Syndicate      WINNERS via pinfall:  Halo Syndicate

Match Highlight:  Wil distracts the two on the outside while Raijin slides into the ring behind Carrie and Nina and smashes them into the back of the head with heavy forearms! They fall down to their knees and Raijin places a knee to the back of each of their necks, choking them against the rope!



“Headhuntress” Aiya Vs El Pablo      WINNER via pinfall:  El Pablo

Match Highlight:  Pablo doesn’t waste a lot of time as he picks her up off the canvas. He goes to shoot her off but she reverses it. She pulls Pablo back towards her and slams him back first onto the empty garbage can. Aiya picks him back up before dropping him face first onto the canvas. Aiya gets back up to her feet and picks up a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat. She admires it for a second before swinging it right down onto the back of Pablo. Pablo screams out in pain as Aiya continues to swing until Pablo rolls out of the way.



KU Vs Ace King Vs Remarkable Mark Keaton Vs Callie Clark       WINNER(s) via First Blood:  Ace King & KU

Match Highlight:  Callie and Ace stare each other down while Mark and KU make it back to their feet. She tilts her head to the side with a smirk, before kicking him hard in the stomach and hitting Thor’s Hammer on him. KU and Mark Keaton start throwing punches at each other, before they stop and look at each other before double clotheslining Ace King, before he can get back up to his feet. Callie climbs to the top rope to hit Ace with the Calliesault



Dalilah Ashe Vs Narumi Tsutsumi      WINNER via pinfall:  Narumi Tsutsumi

Match Highlight:  Narumi attempts to connect with a hip toss but Dalilah counters it by landing on her feet, ending up behind Narumi for a split second. That’s all it takes for Dalilah to drop her from behind with an inverted DDT, not letting go of Narumi’s head to lock in a dragon sleeper, fully connecting with the Memento Mori! Life seems to be draining away from the Indy Champion as Dalilah continues to exert pressure onto her head.



Bosa Vs Scorpio      WINNER via pinfall and NEW Showtime Broadcast Champion:  Bosa

Match Highlight:  Bosa reaches for Scorpio’s shoulders, seeming to already have his next plan of action figured out. The S-Factor gives him a ‘how dare you’ type of glare before slapping the hand off. Scorpio then follows up with a Superkick from out of nowhere! Bosa stumbles back, but manages to keep his footing. Now The S-Factor takes his turn to charge forward, hitting The Beast with Brexit Means Brexit! It damn well nearly beheads Bosa, causing him to fall onto the canvas. 



EDDIE DOZIER Vs JIMMY LANE      WINNER via pinfall:  Jimmy Lane

Match Highlight:  Both men are on their feet and brawling around the ring. Kicks, punches, chops, you name it… Eddie Dozier even resorts to raking the eyes of Lane to get the upper hand! He sends the blinded tag champ into the ropes. Lane hits the ropes, but right behind him is Dozier. Lane hits the ropes, bounces back towards Dozier, and collides when Dozier charges him and hits a Spear that almost cuts through Lane like a hot knife through butter!

PRIME #93 MVPS: Narumi Tsutsumi and Jimmy Lane

PRIME #93 MATCH OF THE NIGHT: El Pablo Vs “Headhuntress” Aiya

Price’s Prospect

He may have lost the Showtime Broadcast championship on Prime, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more successful staple on the Blue brand. At 266 days, Scorpio is the second longest reigning Showtime Broadcast champion in EWC history and he looks to add more hardware to his trophy case at Stranglemania as he seeks to overthrow Indy champion Narumi Tsutsumi in their unique ‘Capture the Flag’ match. Victor Price knows what he’s got in Scorpio, and he’s well on his way to putting on an absolute clinic at Stranglemania for the rest of the Blue brand to keep a close eye on. One has to imagine, if Scorpio were to fail to get the job done at Stranglemania… whoever has the unfortunate task of standing across from the Prime Minister in the opening rounds of the G1 may be in big…. Big trouble.


Good Evening E-Dub-Cee nation! We’ve got some breaking news coming from the United States Champion herself, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton. This news is not only urgent but will affect the upcoming fight for the United States Championship at Stranglemania. So what’s the update, you may be wondering?

“I had full intentions of coming over to India and fighting to retain the United States Championship. However, I have recently found out I cannot do this. I am, as of today, five weeks and one day pregnant. As such, I will vacate the title and personally give it to the winner between Mercenary and Darna Dare. I am otherwise on maternity leave, effective immediately. I have, of course, informed Grizzly Duggan and Danny Mac about this.”

When asked how she felt about this news, Sam offered us the following reply.

“On one hand, I’m ecstatic. This was something I was wanting to start, although I’ll admit not quite while I was still holding a title. That said, I don’t have regrets. If anything, I consider myself very fortunate. The fact I got a positive test back at all means nothing dire happened to the kids, and I refuse to push my luck any further. So as much as I love wrestling, I’m going to do what’s best for me and my future, and – somewhat unfortunately – that does mean stepping away.”

“It definitely does suck that I have to vacate a title, let alone one I truly was looking forward to attempting to elevate. It’s also unfortunate that I won’t be able to partake in the BORT like I originally hoped to. But with that all being said, I can promise this much. This isn’t a permanent goodbye – just a temporary one.”


Stranglemania is just around the corner, but we here at the Wolfe Pack are just as excited for the first edition of NextGen that kicks off just a few days after the big pay-per-view. We’ve got a special edition of the Weekly Roundup coming on Saturday for Stranglemania, so we’re going to give our up and coming stars of NextGen some attention tonight on the Wolfe Pack.

We’re opening up episode 1 of NextGen with a singles match between Justice and Norah Wadina. We’re not going to speculate on winners and losers, but we’re very excited to see the clash of styles between Justice and his lucha style training and Norah’s BJJ background. Expect this to be literally the fastest paced match of the night. Guaranteed.

We follow this up with a rare triple threat match between Sleepy Winters, Barbaric, and Ahiga Lopez. Ahiga and Sleepy are coming into this as sure wild cards, but Barbaric is going to come in hot off of the outcome of Stranglemania as his mentor Mark Storm attempts to win the Hellevator match. Will the fallout of that match affect Barbaric’s motivation coming into NextGen? Or will he block out the distractions while he looks for the W on his own?

Our third match of the night is another singles match, and we get to see Alexander Devin and Cruz Macaque tie up in the squared circle. Alexander holds the clear size and weight advantage over Cruz, but will her size be an advantage? She’ll be relying heavily on her relationship with Brawl’s own Ku to learn the trade as she tries to leverage her own strengths against the big man.

And in our main event – we’re featuring Jocelyn “no relation to Gideon” Gage one on one with Sunny Skye. Both ladies made their first appearances at Wrestlefest last year, Jocelyn getting involved against James Keaton and Sunny being hired on as part of the Iggy Swango Cheeks of Steel product launch.  Jocelyn’s experience gives her an edge, but with mentor Iggy Swango securing a spot at Stranglemania against Xavier Reid for the vacated International championship, how much has Sunny caught on? Expect Jocelyn’s power game to put a serious damper on Sunny’s attempt to win the shoot game.


  • Fast Tracking?
    • Iggy Swango has dropped a teaser on her Fighter Talk about something coming soon, and when we reached out to the former International champion, she was able to confirm to us that “I’ve got a huge announcement coming at Stranglemania… and it’s been building ever since I met a special someone. I’ve literally seen this in my dreams, and the world won’t be the same when it drops.”
  • Old dogs learn new tricks?
    • Despite the rocky rumors from last week, Ruthann and Jason Hunter have been seen hard at work here in India preparing for Stranglemania. We could even see the two of them break out some new work in the ring. Maybe Southern Express can take note?
  • Great Scott!
    • Caleb Scott has seemingly been in India, the site of Stranglemania XVII, since shortly after his BRAWL #580 debut victory on March 7th. Before that match, Caleb revealed to us The Black Altar and apparent ties to the occult. With the Hellevator match just days away, will those ties be able to give him an advantage over his opponents? Also, recently announced for April 4th on the Throwback BRAWL #851 Caleb Scott will face Rebel Rhodes for the FX Broadcast championship. A big week coming up for the mysterious newcomer.
  • Date Part Deux?
    • We can neither confirm nor deny that Eddie Dozier did, in fact, sacrifice a cow in India this week, but we can confirm that Eddie and Callie Clark did enjoy a nice steak dinner earlier this evening. Seems like they’re taking it a step up from Applebees?
  • Indian Bunny Ranch?
    • We’ve heard whispers that Jason’s Bunnies Sara and Diana might be looking for new clients as they are willing to expand their services. Could they find a few interested parties at the biggest night of the year?

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