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Word from the Wolfe Pack | February 9th, 2022

Season 23 has started off with a bang! So let’s dive into all the news coming out of Brawl and more as we head into the first full week of EWC drama!

  • Will Gabi Vee make Brawl #580?
    • Rumors are already flaring up after the season premiere of Brawl, as Gabi Vee managed to just barely evade Xavier Reid’s wrath in the aftermath of the main event. Will Xavier intervene in the match between Gabi and Stitches on Monday? Or will the International champion try to strike even sooner? Sources backstage after Brawl say that Xavier was furious after his match with Melody Malone and Weatherlight took the brunt of his rage. Is Gabi Vee his next target? Or will the Halo Syndicate and the Eleos Affect be the next to fall victim to Reid’s warpath?
  • Shots Fired?
    • Amber Lisa Hall wasn’t originally scheduled to be at Brawl on Monday night, and evidently her clash with Connors has ruffled a few feathers on the Red brand. Sources tell us that the Brawl showrunner has zero intentions of letting the digs go unaccounted for and to expect a potential shot back against the blue brand at Prime’s season premiere.
  • Has The Next Generation Arrived?
    • EWC officials have confirmed that several of the up and coming superstars signed with the developmental brand ‘NextGen’ were backstage at Brawl’s taping, and will likely be present for both Rampage and Paramount as both shows are slated to take place in California. They didn’t participate in capacity on Gambit, but did take in the production and got in some work pre-show with the various members of Brawl. Sources say that a few bright stars could be in the making and the first episode of NextGen should be a good test for the rookie talents.
  • Is Connors already losing control?
    • Between Xavier Reid’s bloated contract, King Flip’s demands for better opponents, assaults on Pence Weatherlight and David Miller… has Jim Connors already lost the reins to the red brand? Whispers are that after Killjoy’s statements on Brawl, Chris Brock is already counting the victory at their brand warfare matchup in July.
  • Talent On a Rampage?
    • The Wolfe Pack has obtained exclusive cell phone footage of Rampage superstar Tommy Burton in New York City where he assaulted a taxi cab door. Witnesses say no one was injured, but one can only imagine what GM Grizzly Duggan may have on his hands if Burton’s temper is anything like former Rampage superstar Gideon Gage…
  • International Championship Contender Shuffle?
    • The season premiere of Monday Night BRAWL was a wild one for sure, and one of the biggest bits of news and speculation coming out of it is the status of Pence Weatherlight. The number one contender to the International Championship was attacked brutally after his main event bout against Gabrielle Visconty by the champion himself, Xavier Reid, leading many to believe that Pence could be out of action for the foreseeable future. The one thing we can now confirm exclusively on the Wolfe Pack comes directly from the office of Jim Connors, General Manager of BRAWL: “After the brutal attack by Xavier Reid on Monday night, I spoke with medical personnel regarding Pence Weatherlight. They’ve informed me that he is unable to compete until he is medically cleared, with no clear timetable set. So, as noted on the EWC website, I’ve set two new competitors to determine a number one contender, who will receive their title shot at StrangleMania XVII. It only seemed appropriate that Iggy Swango and Candy, who each picked up a major win on Monday night, are deserving of such a battle. So, we will see a battle between former champions to see who earns their rightful shot!” This is a curious development for sure, given the International Championship bout set for MNB #580 in Vancouver as Gabrielle Visconty cashes in her Money in the Bank title shot to challenge Xavier Reid for the title. The question remains, who will earn the title shot at StrangleMania XVII…and who will be the champion going in?

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