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Word from the Wolfe Pack | February 16th, 2022

Welcome to the Word from the Wolfe Pack and we’ve OFFICIALLY kicked off Season 23 in style! So settle in and get your Twitter thumbs ready, because we’ve got all the news from this past week’s action that you wanna hear about.

  • David Miller Done?
    • Sources close to the Paramount broadcast team tell us that former North American champion David Miller may have called his final curtain. Between the assault from King Flip on Brawl, his match with the Queen of the EWC Melody Malone on Rampage, and his encounter with Aeon Khronos on Prime in Milan, the elder statesman is staring at forced retirement. We’re keeping a close eye on the situation and will update if we hear otherwise, but don’t expect to see David Miller on an EWC broadcast any time soon.
  • Gangland Style?
    • Rumors are circulating backstage on Rampage that newcomer Ruby Clifton may be associating with some less than reputable individuals. Has the Clifton sister gone rogue and employed several associates to ‘assist’ her in her career aspirations. Several Rampage superstars have brought the allegations to Grizzly Duggan, hoping the hall of Famer will crackdown on security on site. No word yet though on what measures are going to be taken as Rampage rolls into South Carolina on February 25th.
  • Interbrand Insanity? This is GM insanity!
    •  Reports out of Paramount #16 last night are that GM Chris Brock had to make a last-minute change to his in ring address on the state of Paramount when it was discovered that a member of his team had set up a retaliation bit against Prime GM Victor Price. A source close to Brock provided this quote that apparently came directly from Brock: ” Price isn’t worth it. Anytime someone mentions that asshole’s name, he seemingly gets more power in EWC. I don’t want that shithead anywhere near this show.”
  • Stranglemania – Going Up?!
    • There’s been a recent announcement to the already spectacular Stranglemania card, that is leaving the internet wrestling community scratching their heads and prepping their bingo cards. After last year’s insane debut of the 16 Levels of Hell match, the elevator is headed straight back to the top of the mountain yet again. No official word on who’s involved yet, but speculation includes a list of former champions, returning faces, and fresh competitors looking to make the most of their first Stranglemania moment. 
  • Halo Syndicate hungry…for singles gold?
    • New reports are that Nina and Carrie Samson have both discussed the possibility of earning shots at singles titles on Paramount, particularly Carrie has set her sights on the CW Broadcast Championship.
  • 3C? More like C-ya!
    • Rumors are flying around Paramount backstage after the vicious assault on Jordan Sharpe and the rest of his friends at the hands of Robbie Rayder and Candy. Everyone we’ve spoken to thus far has indicated they hadn’t sensed any animosity between the group members, though one person did point out that Candy seemed a little out of sorts after her hellacious Wondercrush match on Brawl. Has something a dark cloud come over the Candy Castle? Or have the Rayders simply become tired of Jordan Sharpe’s success?
  • Love and War?
    • More news has come out since we broke the story between Tommy Love and Jason Hunter via their current legal counsel Tara Michaels.  After Tommy Love’s unhinged rant on Gambit, Tara has decided to take more direct measures and we here at the Wolfe Pack hear she’ll be live on Brawl to confront Tommy Love face to face about his reported ineptitude.
  • Air Rayder for Stranglemania?
    • Paramount General Manager Chris Brock has confirmed for us here at the Wolfe Pack that despite the heinous attack on Jordan Sharpe at the season premiere, that Robbie Rayder will be making his in-ring return for the Orange brand at none other than Stranglemania!

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