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Wesley’s Wrestling Reviews – Episode 001

Wesley: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to give us a listen. I am Wesley Carter, and this is Wesley’s Wrestling Reviews. On this podcast, we will go over the match ratings for the week and I will have a few guests on with some riveting interviews. Note, anything below 3 stars are not featured in my lists. This week I got in touch with Marcu$ $t. John of Paramount Wrestling, and Indy Champion Jordan Sharpe of PRIME. I think both are interviews you’re going to want to check out! Let’s get into the first now…

Wesley: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Wesley Carter and this is Wesley’s Wrestling Reviews. It is Wednesday March 17th and I am joined, via phone call, by one of Paramount’s fastest rising stars Marcu$ $t John! How are you today Mr. John?

John: Let me correct you before we get started Wesley, I’m Paramount’s “Fastest Rising Star”, but of course Marcu$ $t. John is wonderful.

Wesley: Great to hear that. And I would find myself hard pressed to disagree with that statement. You have been on a roll lately. It has been a bit of a redemption tour for you, I have seen it called. In the past few months you have gotten victories back over people such as Kuroiki and Jason Hunter. What caused this sudden shift in gears? Did you adapt and change your style, or did success just find you sir?

John: Success is a relative term. What you consider success may be different from what I consider it. I’ve been successful, people are just now noticing. My style didn’t change, I just made sure I was victorious when it mattered the most. At WrestleFest I beat Kuroiki, rest his soul, and when a title opportunity was on the line, I stopped Jason Hunter. Check my pedigree in Multi-person matches. My back against the wall is where I shine the most. So no there was no shift in gear, the more experience I get, the more that gap closes to the top. As far as redemption goes, you could say this tour is against all of EWC. I have been ostracized as not belonging since I got here, the rich boy that bought his way through life. Ask my opponents what they think of me now. I am the wrestler to watch.

Wesley: That brings us to the present. You face two people you have already faced and lost to. You will be facing Sam by the way of a team based flag match at StrangleMania, and then you face David Miller in a 1v1 rematch for the CW Broadcast Championship. Does your “redemption” story continue and see you CW Broadcast Champion?

John: Ah, yes Samantha Hamilton. We both knew our paths would cross again after LOTC but who knew it would come so soon at StrangleMania. I’m less worried about redemption against her and more focused on bringing home the win for Paramount in this match. As long as Candy and El Pablo stay out of my way and play their role we’ll win. I’m a solo act, I don’t need any Maidens, Clubs, or Crews to get the job done. As far as David Miller goes, I’m looking forward to a second chance to capture my first gold. I failed just a few weeks ago at Paramount 2, but I’ve learned and I’ve gotten better. He’s a hell of an athlete but my time is coming and at Paramount 4 I’ll be leaving the Sasktel Centre in Canada as the new CW Broadcast Champion. You can take that to the bank and cash it.

Wesley: I like the confidence. You talk about bringing the win for Paramount, so you want to be the guy Paramount can depend on? The guy they’ll give the ball to run the game winning touchdown, here in the infancy of its rebranding. That’s a lot of pressure you’re putting on yourself isn’t it?

John: That’s what perplexes me about people. They don’t know the real M$J. They haven’t tried to get to know the real me. Damn right I want the ball. When the game is on the line, I want to take the last shot. I want to score the final touchdown, I want to strike the batter out in the bottom of the ninth. That’s me, that’s who I am, the guy that will outwork even who you perceive as the best. Yeah I’m rich but hell isn’t just about all the top stars in EWC? What makes them different from me? I bet you’ll say they worked for it, well hell I did too, it just wasn’t in a wrestling ring. I tripled my worth after my parents died, but I didn’t stop there. I didn’t settle. I wanted to become a wrestler and look at me now, making an impact just over 6 months in this company. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are and that’s what I did. I didn’t follow the footsteps of anyone, I did what I wanted to do. Look at our roster, full of second and third generations, full of people trained by legends, they’re followers, all of them. They are here because someone told them to do it. I am here not because of destiny or birthright, I’m here because this is who the fuck I am. So am I putting that pressure on myself? You damn right I am. As far as I’m concerned, in due time, you’ll say that I am Paramount.

Wesley: For any other person, I might call that rookie arrogance. But I can hear the conviction in your voice. You want to be the guy that makes Paramount Wrestling the EWC’s A Brand.

John: When it was FSW, we were considered the developmental brand and while I can’t take any credit for it becoming a main brand in Paramount, I can continue to hone my skills to reach the top. I’m a loyalist by nature and Paramount is my home, so I’ll defend it and work to make it the top brand with all I have. You can see by the influx of talent that we recently got this year. Everyone wants to come to Paramount to test the waters but know that I’m a shark in that water ready to defend my home.

Wesley: I can respect that answer. Everyone wants to prove they are the guy a brand can depend on.. But only one can answer that call. I have a strong feeling that could be you.

Earlier in our interview, you mentioned you are a lone wolf. You have no interest in a Love Club, or Candy Crew or allegiance of biker aficionados… And I was wondering, where does that ideology come from. Is it trust issues? Abandonment issues? If you don’t want to answer, we can move on but I am fascinated.

John: I am an only child. Since I was rich pretty much my whole life, my parents were cautious about people around them and myself so maybe it comes from that, I don’t know. I will say that wrestling is full of backstabbers so why would I want to associate myself with that. Just look at some of the past few shows. Friends turn into enemies real quick in this business. I’ve got my back better than I trust anyone else to do it. When I walked through those doors for the first time, I may have rubbed a few people the wrong way but nobody offered an olive branch to me. No one extended their hand out to show me the ropes, so why would I grin in their faces, start up a tag team, or be road buddies together. I mentioned sharks earlier, do you see a great white hunting in packs? You don’t do yo?. I’m a predator that will continue to hunt my prey in style, while doing it solo.

Wesley: So, should the opportunity present itself before you. You would pass it by, remain a solo shark? No interest in ever grabbing tag gold? If only for the much sought after GrandSlam?

John: (Laughs) GrandSlam? I’m trying to win my first title. I’ll cross that bridge if it ever comes. I’m not saying I can’t and wont ever adapt but right now I’m focused on the solo career. A tag team is the easy way out in my eyes. Standing on your own two feet and slugging your way from the bottom to the top by your lonesome is as satisfying as it gets. You can look back on your accomplishments and say that you did that, be proud of the work you put in. Some of the best tag teams eventually go their separate ways and it’s usually because of bullshit and jealousy. I can’t be jealous of myself. If someone wants to make a case to be my tag team partner, I’ll hear them out but that answer will probably be a no right now, because I like the feeling of me against the world.

Wesley: I get that. Focused on the now. But I have question, on a personal level.. what legacy do you want to leave? Not just on Paramount, not even in The Extreme Wrestling Corporation. What legacy do you want to leave on wrestling as a whole. Anyone can say they want to be a world champ, or be a household name. But what do you want your legacy to be, on a personal level.

John: Great question Wesley. I want to show anyone that you don’t have to come from wrestling lineage, be trained by some Hall of Famer, have an MMA or boxing background, or travel as a nomad from company to company for 20 years to live out your dreams of being a wrestler. Some kid at home probably boo’s his heart out at me, but his mom is a cook, or his dad is an accountant. The point is that kid can one day make it to the EWC. Regardless if he has the support or not of his family and friends to do it. He seen Marcu$ $t. John and wanted to carve out his own legacy. That is a good enough legacy for me. Not to inspire with my money, but to inspire with my will to be free and do what pleases you. Chase your dreams like The Young Mogul did. A legacy that will leave wrestling in a better place because it bred stars that are truly in the business for the right reasons.

Wesley: That is a legacy I think anyone could be proud of. Inspiring the future. I’d love to talk to you all day, but sadly time is not on our side there. I will have to get you back on the show for a part two somewhere down the line. For now, I leave you with one final question before we cut… Is there anything you want to tell the Paramount Roster? Anything you want to tell the EWC as a whole? This is your stage.

John: Yeah there is but it’s not to the whole roster, not yet. This message is for one person. It’s to Darius. After I attacked you and left the silver spoon in your mouth it felt good but don’t think that I’m satisfied. This isn’t over by a long shot. You attacked me first. You wanted to make your grand entrance at my expense and that’s a mistake that you’ll pay dearly for. You say you hate people like me and that I didn’t earn my title shot but you immediately came in and won one match and get a title opportunity at StrangleMania, how ironic. You don’t like rich spoiled people, but Darius that’s you! You literally are what you hate. The spoiled guy who came back because of his own ego. When I hang up my boots, I’ll be satisfied with the career that I’ve left in the ring. I won’t have to come back to validate anything or to make more money. You’ve made plenty of money here in EWC but I’m the one that’s rotten huh? This isn’t Brawl, and this isn’t the X-Division. Your brain must have suffered too many concussions because you picked the wrong guy to start shit with and when we finally meet in a match inside that ring, I’m going to fuck you up!

Wesley: John is one to look out for in the coming months, that’s for sure. I greatly enjoyed that interview and look forward to getting a part 2 with him one day.

Roozilla VS James Keaton VS Joe Kane VS Adriana Aquilla 4.00
Marcu$ $t. John VS Jason Hunter 4.50
Darius VS Jake Lumas VS Laura Perelli 4.25
Nevaeh VS Wes Walker 4.50
Xavier Reid & El Pablo VS Gabrielle Visconty & Candy VS The Southern Express 4.75
Ace King VS Robbie Rayder 4.50
Gabriel Ohio VS David Miller 4.50
Killjoy Ito VS Stitches 4.75

MNB #565
Antoni Malietoa VS Xavier Reid 4.50
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton VS Gabrielle Visconty 4.50
Noah Hartt VS Bosa 4.00

FN’R #481

Scorpio Vs Lorenzo 4.75
Cade Vs Headhuntress Aiya Vs Colby Sol Vs Megumi 4.00
Mark Keaton Vs S.I.N 4.00
Jamie Love Vs Dio 4.25
Nevaeh Vs Ace King 4.75
Narumi Tsutsumi Vs Faith Rivers 4.75

Wesley: Some really good matches in there I recommend you folks go check out. Shoutout to King & Pablo Vs Nevaeh & Stitches as our first 5 star match of the year! Now, we go to our Jordan Sharpe interview.

Wesley: I am Wesley Carter. It is Sunday, March 14th and I am joined, via phone call, by the LONGEST reigning EWC Indy Champion… Jordan Sharpe. Mr. Sharpe is getting ready to face Kendrick Kross later on tonight but I was able to scoop him up for this interview. Hey there Mr. Sharpe. How are you doing today?

JFS: I’m doing great Wesley, thanks for having me. I would just like to point out I am drinking a refreshing can of Monster Energy right now so life couldn’t be better. I’m ready for your hard hitting questions so fire away!

Wesley: Monster Energy isn’t for me, give me a heart attack. But let’s get right into it. I know you and Candy are really close friends. How does Candy feel about you breaking her record? How do you feel about breaking the record? And speaking of records, I was looking at the EWC website and I see you have all but one Indy Championship record to your name. How does that feel?

JFS: At first, let me tell you, I was apprehensive. Candy and I’s careers seemed to be intertwined and that’s been well documented but I thought maybe, since you know, she’s always been THE face of EWC Prime I thought maybe she’d be a bit upset or something with me taking that record away from her but she’s been nothing but supportive she told me if anyone was going to break it she’s glad it was me so I’m very relieved and happy about everything. And as far as that other record goes, it’d be great to be the only three time Indy Champion, but that means I’d have to lose the title and that ain’t happenin’!

Wesley: I would imagine that puts a massive target on your back… even moreso than just being a champion. How do you cope with all the pressure?

JFS: Ohh I don’t need to cope with it, I thrive under that pressure. Ever since I came to the EWC, I was never supposed to make it as far as I have. The target on my back only makes me work harder, only makes me want to win more and more Championships. There’s nobody more motivated than I am, and when I hear those fans when I walk out onto that Prime stage? That’s all the coping I need. Bring all the challengers on. I’ll take ’em down.

Wesley: Fair, fair. So the fans drive you? Do their thoughts on you ever get you down?I recall seeing a very vocal outcry against you for bringing a uh… adult sex toy.. into a children’s school. Did their outcry get you down? How does that affect a wrestlers mental state.

JFS: Look. I had the right intentions with that. I messed it up, yeah, but my intentions were good. Not everyone is going to like you or the things that you do. If someone boos me or they have something to say against something I’ve done, then yeah sure. Go ahead. Put it out there. Say what you want to say about me. At first I let things like that bother me but I know now that you can’t make everyone love you. Doesn’t change who I’m fighting for. Guarantee you next match you see me in, I’m more than likely gonna do something to make you get outta your seat and cheer.

Wesley: And that next match we will see is in just a few hours. You are taking on Kendrick Kross in G1 action. How are you feeling heading into this one?

JFS: Kross has been certainly on a downward spiral since coming to Prime, that’s for sure with his only win coming on Gambit. He’d damn sure like to turn that around with an Indy Title win. But I don’t think Kendrick Kross has the juice quite yet to be taking down a former Undisputed Champion. He’ll give me a fight but I’m confident that my 288 Days as Champion ain’t coming to an end here and now. I’ve got StrangleMania on my mind!

Wesley: We’ll we will see. Users listening to this will already know the result as this is going up after the match. So they will either laugh at you, or agree with you. Haha. Let’s say you beat Kross, and then you win the G1 at StrangleMania. What will you do with that PPV winners check?

JFS: Sheesh good question. I’ve already got a brand new car from back at Thunder. I’ll say I’m gonna go somewhere real tropical to bang my girlfriend. Can I say ‘bang my girlfriend’ on here? Ahh crap. She’s gonna be mad. Can you just put that I’ll invest the money so I sound smart?

Wesley: I will ask the editors haha. How tropical of an island are we talking?

JFS: You know, I’ve always been partial to Phuket Island ever since we went there last year for Parabellum it was a great Pay-Per-View and amazing scenery and it certainly beats how cold it gets in Canada! But I’m counting my tide pods before they hatch. Whoever I could potentially meet up with a StrangleMania have their own hopes and dreams, and hell, it could even be my own tag-team partner Faith Rivers!

Wesley: That would be one fantastic clash at StrangleMania. Two more questions before I’ll let you go. Scorpio has found his way onto the PRIME brand. Do you anticipate a clash with “The Prime Minister”, or do you fear a spotlight like that would make him even more unhinged?

JFS: I don’t think he DESERVES a spotlight that for the things that he’s done. He doesn’t deserve to be on Prime or in any wrestling ring. I am sure if there’s any way at all Scorpio can weasel his way into a showdown with me, he’ll exhaust every option. And if and when that day comes? I’ll beat him like I did the last time.

Wesley: And our last question. It’s a multi-parter. You knew this one was coming… Say you beat Kendrick Kross tonight, and then you win the G1 Finals and defend your championship. Scorpio weasels his way into a match and you beat him. WHO beats Jordan Sharpe for the Indy Championship? Who do you think is the future of the brand.. who is the one to create a new era? Maybe your niece Saidie Sharpe? Maybe this era is actually a dynasty?

JFS: That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it Wesley. Who knows, the superstar that’s destined to take this Championship from me is someone we don’t even know yet. Since you bring up Saidie, yes, she has the potential but is she Championship material? I don’t know about that one yet. That’s the good thing about professional wrestling isn’t it? Any night, could be someone’s night to shock the world. I welcome anyone that wants to step up and try to prove to me that they’re going to be the one that leads the blue brand. I’ll be here waiting.

Wesley: Very well said Mr. Sharpe. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Good luck against Mr. Kross.

Wesley: Those were both two very good interviews, and I hope you all enjoyed them. Next episode we will have Callie Clark, Iggy Swango & Ace King on the show being interviewed. So stay tuned for that! As always, I am Wesley Carter. And I hope you all have a good Friday!

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