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Mac @ Night: WrestleFest XIX Card Reveal

Mac @ Night: S02E11 – Today on the 22nd Episode of Mac @ Night, it’s the moment we’ve been building all season towards: WrestleFest!

On today’s podcast I reveal the 4 Day Card for WrestleFest XIX, the four-day Wrestling Festival we put on every season. We’ve got 20 matches (5 per day), over 65 EWC Superstars booked in matches, 7 EWC Championship defenses and a 4 days to make it all happen. Days 1-3 (Fri, Sat, Sun) are all posted in REAL TIME. Which means we get some real time reaction segments that make the show also. Then the 4th day, the Monday, we post the whole thing in one shot at 9PM.

It’s a big card, lots of excitement and it caps off our 22nd Season of Extreme Wrestling. I apologize in advance if I butchered the pronunciations of any of the names. I hope you enjoy this card reveal.

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section on our forums or in the discord “members only” chat.
See you next time. Stay safe!
– Mac 🥃

Music by Audiobinger

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