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Greetings EWC Nation. I’m Patricia Wolfe and will gladly talk about EWC’s arguably biggest pay-per-view event that is rapidly approaching! That’s right, Stranglemania XV is less than two weeks away! This year, we will be hosting Stranglemania in Los Angeles, California. Suffice to say, the card looks absolutely stacked! Even the dark matches have fights which look promising in their own rights!

In fact, let’s start with the first Dark Match. We have a 15 Person Battle Royale! Interestingly enough, none of the newcomers will represent the green brand, Rampage. Everyone is split between the other three brands somehow.

This will, no doubt, be a huge opportunity for those making their debut in this massive PPV, but also a way to see about representing one’s brand and earning huge bragging rights.

Who will win?

I have absolutely no idea. Nor am I even going to try to guess. But I will offer the best of luck to everybody in this large set-up.

Next, we will have a Cage Match between Stalker and Alexander Daemon. These two have been having quite the history during their time in Prime, and it seems we will finally witness these two unleash their wrath and frustrations upon one another.

The third Dark Match will be a Fatal Four Way between, arguably, some of the biggest names in each brand. We will see Gabrielle Visconty from Brawl, Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton from Rampage, Killjoy Ito who used to be in Prime, but is now in FSW, and Ezio DeLuca from FSW.

All four fighters no doubt have something huge to prove. I’m curious and excited to see who emerges as the winner in this fight. X-Division Rules may not be applied here, but expect to see some impressive techniques and moves here, particularly with at least two of the superstars being willing and able to fight in the more brutal matches like X-Division ones.

In our last Dark Match, we will see Bosa go against Joseph Hall. It’ll be a battle between two relatively new members of Brawl and FSW respectively, whom have been accomplishing a lot for their brands as of late.

With the last of the Dark Matches being talked about, we now go onto the main card. The first of the main fights will be for the United States Championship, with NEZUMI taking Scorpio on. He announced at the most recent episode of Rampage he wanted to make the match poetic, hence making this a Two Out Of Three Falls fray.

But will that decision work in NEZUMI’s favor? Or will it come back to haunt him?

No matter what the outcome, it’s very safe to say with the streak and momentum he’s been having lately that Scorpio will not make it simple for even the talented NEZUMI to dethrone him.

We’ll then see NSFW take on DSR Volume II. Or, for those who don’t know the abbreviation, NSFW will face the team of Iggy Swango and Melody Malone, two members of America’s Most Hated, but with a few twists! Ezio DeLuca will be the guest referee, and Chuck Gacy will be the guest timekeeper!

Considering the history that Ezio has had with NSFW and Chuck, it will be very interesting to see how this match pans out.

We’ll then see Aidan O’Sheahan take on L.A. Meyes in a … Pub Crawl Brawl?

I don’t believe we’ve had that type of match ever. Definitely not in a while, if we have. The match type in itself will make witnessing this fight just as intriguing as the two FSW stars being put toe-to-toe with each other.

Next, there will be yet another Fatal Four Way … but this one is strictly between four Brawl Superstars! More than that, it’s also a Falls Count Anywhere Match! We’ll see Kendrick Kross, William Manson, Mike Strong, and Jeb Jackson all go against one another. Each male Brawl wrestlers has had their share of highs and impressive feats as of late.

Still with me? Good, because there’s still a lot of matches to go.

The next Championship on the line will be for the EWC Television Championship, with the recently dethroned Faith Rivers getting a chance to reclaim the strap she used to hold. Her opponent? None other than Lavender, whom has been on her own roll in Prime so far.

With pinfalls being the only way to win, both ladies are going to have to hit hard and make each attack really count. A single mistake could cost either of them the match.

Next up will be a Last Person Standing match between another two fighters who have had their share of history and bad blood lately; Iggy Swango and Phoenix Winterborn. Their feud seems to have only gotten stronger as the days have gone on. These two are going to go at one another with everything they’ve got.

Who will be the person that ends up not being able to remain standing?

Only one way to find out, folks! Tune in on March 30th!

The North American Championship will be on the line in a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Match. It … sounds almost like a game show sorta gimmick. This is another match type I’ve never heard of, but am very curious and excited to see. Darlene, one of the newest members of FSW, has shown absolutely impressive displays of strength during her short time in the orange brand.

Wes Walker is, no doubt, going to be in one of the toughest fights of his life.

Next, we will witness what could arguably be the most controversial bout of the night as Clay Byrd faces Darius in a Bull Rope Match for the EWC International Championship!

For those who don’t know, Cyrus Black – the original Champion – was suspended indefinitely after we learned he had sustained a major injury at WrestleFest. Exact details are unknown. But Jim Connors had to make the unfortunate, yet fair, decision to strip him of his title to ensure a fight for the International Championship could happen.

At Brawl #552, Connors further surprised everyone by declaring the match between Gabrielle Visconty versus Darius would be to determine the second person to fight in Stranglemania for the International Title.

Obviously, Darius won that evening. But with this being a very personal goal of Clay’s, how will he fight, especially knowing he won’t be able to face the very man he originally wanted to fight for the title?

I honestly think this has potential to steal the entire show away. It’ll definitely be something very, very intense and equally special.

Finally, Ace King will have a shot at a title! It won’t be for the United States Championship, but that won’t stop him from holding back against his toughest rival, Xavier Reid, for the X-Division Championship.

The Gambler has been absolutely famished, and he has been making this very easy to notice. While many have tried to use his loss to Scorpio against him, he’s only been showing that despite now being the hunter rather than the hunted, he won’t go easy while eagerly aiming to hold gold once more.

But at what cost is he willing to achieve his goal? We’ll find out, because this isn’t any mere X-Division Rules fight we’ll witness. We’ll see a second round of Rage In The Cage between these two talented men face each other once more!

Mercenary will face Stitches in a Biker Chain Match for the FSW Championship. Many have wondered if this year will be one that continues to stay in Stitches’ favor, particularly after he retained the FSW Title versus Candy back in WrestleFest.

This will be an ultimate test for Mercenary, as he has the chance to prove that despite the Clown being great with psychological and physical warfare, he’s got what it takes to dethrone Stitches and make this year his own.

The Indy Championship will be a Last Man Standing fight between challenger Dominic Sanders and current champion, Jordan Sharpe.

Many have tried to question Dominic’s true motives for transferring to the blue brand. Yet despite the many controversial theories, he has shown that going from Brawl to Prime has not made him weaker. If anything, he seems to be stronger, and better than ever.

Jordan Sharpe is definitely going to have quite the challenge on his plate!

Last – but certainly not least – we will see Scorpio go against Melody Malone! Not only will he have the opportunity to win the Undisputed Championship, but he could earn the status of being a double champion; assuming he retains his title against NEZUMI, that is.

It hasn’t been a secret that ever since he got so close to grasping the Undisputed Title at last year’s Night of Champions Cage of Insanity fray, he has desperately wanted a chance to prove he has a rightful claim to this strap.

With him having declared this will be Hell In A Cell match, one has to wonder if this – much like NEZUMI’s – stipulation choice will be a wise one or not. But perhaps that’s exactly the point he wants to make; that even while facing EWC’s Queen in a cage, he’ll find a way to prevail.

With Melody Malone being one of the few other people who is also double booked, she’ll have a lot on her hands also.

The stakes will be high. The fights will be very action packed. And already, even before it has arrived, Stranglemania is looking to be an evening no one will soon forget.

That’s it for the hype! I hope to see some of you with us in Los Angeles for what is promised to be an even more amazing Stranglemania than last year!


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